Friedel Craft Work Up of Aluminum Chloride catalyzed Reaction At Scale

kilomentor | 13 November, 2012 17:53

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Working Up Aluminum chloride catalyzed Friedel-Craft reactions At Scale

kilomentor | 13 November, 2012 17:49

The Kilomentor Blog is now being continued and updated at


Larry Fertel asks a question about his Friedel Craft reaction at the

Organic Process Research & Development Networking Group on LinkedIn.

Larry wrote, “I am running a classical F-C reaction based on a process given to us from our customer: benzene derivative, benzoyl chloride (1.1 eq.), AlCl3 (1.1 eq), nitrobenzene solvent, 85 deg C, . i.e standard conditions. When I cool and quench into water and HCl or add water/HCl to the reaction, I am supposed to see 2 layers, then separate the aqueous and go forward with the isolation of the product in the organic layer, etc..

Instead, after the exotherm of quenching, I get massive amounts of solids, the stirrer jams, etc... a real mess. The solids are presumably Al salts

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