Improving the Purity of Product from a Good-Enough Process

kilomentor | 17 January, 2013 19:03

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Re: Improving the Purity of Product from a Good-Enough Process

Christian | 20/02/2013, 20:32

"unidentified impurity can remain persistently and invariantly" that reminds me of how Pedersen discovered the crown ethers. For me as a scientist, the only acceptable solution would be isolation, purification and identification of this impurity.

Isolation diffculties

marto | 14/03/2013, 00:20

Dear Kilomentor,

I am trying to isolate CF3COAr (80% w/w assay) derivative compound from the ArBr (10% w/w and Piperidine COCF3 derivative (10% w/w) mixture . CF3COAr derivative is low melting solid (mp ~ 52 įC) and I dont have the distillation data of the same. I just would like to know whether bisulfite adduct isolation can be attempted on 25 kg scale or which method you would suggest. Small scale preparation involves isolation by precipitation (~ 50 % receovery) in cylcohexane at lower temp (- 20 įC).
Please suggest me if you have any experince

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