Selective Silyl Group Protection: A Possible Preparation for Scalable Extractive Separations using Acetonitrile and Hexane Phases

kilomentor | 27 November, 2012 18:21

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Chemical terms acetonitrile | hexane


chemical publications

Joshua Frederick | 27/11/2012, 21:37

Nice blog you have here.. I would just like to share a directory list of chemical publications . you can check that out! thank you so much! If you know a chemical-related magazine that must be placed there, please let me know. Thank you.. Joshua

Rule of six

vasilij | 27/11/2012, 22:26

Would you be so kind and provide reference for above mentioned Neumann's rule of six? Thank you.

Rule of Six: Kilomentor

kilomentor | 28/11/2012, 05:28

The Rule of Six is taught in the book, Mechanisms and Structure in Organic chemistry, Edwin S. Gould, Holt, Rinehart, Winston 1959 pg 323. The original literature reference is J. Am. Chem. Soc. 72, 4783 (1950).

"a sterically more discriminating silylating agent"

DocMB | 02/05/2013, 05:41

I believe the authors of the 1978 Tet Lett paper would be stating that trimethylsilyldiethylamine is more sterically discriminating towards the less encumbered environment and are not talking about the increased sterics of the reagent vs TBDMSCl, as you rightly point out it has less. i.e. they want a less steric silylating reagent as TBDMSCl is too bulky. If they don't mean this, then they don't know their gluteus maximus from their humerus.

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