Isolating Aldehydes and Ketones as Solid Derivatives that can be easily Converted Back to the Original Carbonyls.

kilomentor | 03 July, 2010 15:11

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Chemical terms solid


Aldehyde purification

Alexander Munro | 09/11/2010, 02:48

Hi, Clarke!

Your old trick, the aldehyde bisulfite adduct, worked beautifully for us recently, reproducibly yielding a nice crystalline material and boosting purity from 85% to 99%. We regenerated the aldehyde through treatment with TMSCl in acetonitrile. I owe you one!

Need help

marto | 20/06/2013, 05:23

Hello Kilomentor,

I am trying to get crystal of bicarbocyclic ketone substrate for single X-ray analysis. I am unable to get a proper crystal for the corresponding oxime derivative. Please suggest me any derivatives with good crystallinity.

Your help very much appreciated.



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