Explaining Process Intensification to Process Chemists

kilomentor | 03 October, 2009 17:14

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gyges | 04/10/2009, 11:11

Interesting post.

I heard that Prof Ramshaw was working for NASA; he was investigating whether or not it was possible to do any chemistry in space, ie zero g conditions. A gravity (force) field of some sort was required, hence the spinning. He quickly realised that the force could be varied and hence (as you point out wrt flooding) throughput could be varied.

It is surprising that HiGee distillation isn't more popular; from what I can gather from reading PIN reports, this technology is used in China.

I think that the technology would be useful in biodiesel production, in order to separate methanol from methyl ester.

Batch Operations

Aroma Chemicals | 08/10/2009, 23:48

Interesting comparison between a Batch Process and Business Operations!

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